Learning to use it ... priceless!
NavigationTraining.com offers training in the use of handheld GPS (Global Positioning
System) units for outdoor navigation to individuals, groups
, businesses and
government agencies. An experienced instructor provides effective focused training

designed to meet your particular needs and interests.
Learn to use GPS on your terms.
Learning to operate a GPS unit is challenging because of the need to master both the
operation of the unit, and navigation concepts which are new to many people. But with
effective training, most new users can learn enough in a few hours to effectively use a
GPS as an essential outdoor tool.
What do you want to do with your GPS?
Learn basic navigation skills and stay found in the outdoors.
Enhance your outdoor activities with information about location, speed, time,
distance and elevation.
Enjoy exciting new  outdoor activities like geocaching.
Enhance your professional organization's abilities and effectiveness through
standardized, effective, focused training designed to meet your organization's
mission and goals.
Training Options
Training available from navigationtraining.com ranges from a brief personal tutorial on
GPS function and use, to full day combined classroom and field training for professional
organizations, military and law enforcement groups. Tell me your needs and time
parameters and I'll work with you to meet your needs.
Got GPS? Learn to Use It!
There's a $12 Billion Dollar Navigation System Out There . . .
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Outdoors with